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WiNoT® is a brand owned by Qantom which makes IoT related products. These products are designed to simplify IoT learning and project development.

Course in a box

The course in a box series is an IOT kit with an integrated app based course. Each kit has all the components required to build the prototype of a simple IOT applications. Each kit has an accompanying mobile app based course which will guide you step by step. Using the course in a box kit, you will be able to learn IOT and simultaneously build one IOT solution.

One of the big differentiators with our kit is that, with our kits, you DONT just get a box of sensors and actuators. You get a package of sensors and actuators using which you can build one or more meaningful prototypes. You also get a tutorial app which will guide you about each component as a separate entity and also about how to use these components together to build a project. The app is a full fledged course by itself!
You will learn the fun way!

A short introduction to the Course in a box kits
A detailed guide on using the Course in a box kits

IoT Development Boards

The WiNoT® range of development boards are special purpose development boards that been designed to simply the task of project development. These boards can be used for all types of IoT development projects ranging from mini projects to full projects. The two main advantages of these boards are:
  • Have integrated support for syncing data to realtime cloud databases.
  • Come with easy to use connectors that can be directly interfaced with most common sensors and actuators
When you use an WiNoT® board to develop IoT projects, your worry about interfacing with WiFi modules and connecting with different cloud databases are simplified to a great extent. These boards come with an IoT module that have an easy to use software interface to connect to Cloud databases.

WiNoT® IoT Development Shield for Arduino
WiNoT® IoT Development Board for Raspberry Pi Pico
WiNoT® IoT Development Board using ESP8266

Academic IOT Project Kits Using the WiNoT® boards

An engineering student in stream related to electrical / electronics are expected to have gained a fair amount of practical knowledge before he/she completes one's graduation. And thus the curricullum mandates the completion of a few projects before graduation.

However the ground reality is that many a times students don't find the right guidance and instructions for taking up these projects. So they end up buying readymade projects from the gray market. While the student may be able to complete the course and get a graduation certificate, (s)he does not gain any practical experience. The result - it defeats the very purpose why the education board has formulated the syllabus - To Be Employable.

We are launching project kits which have been geared to address this issue. These kits are an integrated package of all components required to build an IoT project - typically for mini projects. Combine a couple of mini projects along with your creativity - and you could use this to build your final year projects.

And more - each kit comes with access to detailed instructions using our Course In A Box Elearning App.

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