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... several small Projects

With this kit, you can build an IOT project, which is a Covid safe touchless entry system.  The course in a box series is an IOT kit with an integrated app based course. Each kit has all the components required to build the prototype of a simple IOT applications. Each kit has an accompanying mobile app based course which will guide you step by step. Using the course in a box kit, you will be able to learn IOT and simultaneously build an IOT solution. It has the components and courses required to learn about five different projects.

While the integrated tutorials are for one project, the box has components using which you can build many more projects.

While each of these project kits can also be purchased individually, when you buy this assorted kit, you save a lot of money

Components used:
  • WiNoT® IOT Devboard with ESP8266
  • WiNoT® PCB for Pushbutton, LDR and Buzzer
  • IR Sensor for Obstacle Detection
  • 2 Channel Relay Module
  • 9 Volts Battery
  • LED Strip Light

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IOT Starter Kit

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