Five full projects...

... several small Projects

With this kit, you can build five different full projects.  The course in a box series is an IOT kit with an integrated app based course. Each kit has all the components required to build the prototype of a simple IOT applications. Each kit has an accompanying mobile app based course which will guide you step by step. Using the course in a box kit, you will be able to learn IOT and simultaneously build 5 IOT solutions. It has the components and courses required to learn about five different projects.

While the integrated tutorials are for 7 projects, the box has components using which you can build many more projects.

While each of these kits can also be purchased individually, when you buy this assorted kit, you save a lot of money

Components used:
  • WiNoT® IOT Devboard with ESP8266
  • WiNoT® PCB for Pushbutton, LDR and Buzzer
  • PIR Motion Sensor
  • MQ2 Smoke Sensor
  • IR Sensor for obstacle detection 
  • 16x2 LCD with I2C
  • Ultrasound Sensor
  • 2Channel Relay Module
  • DHT-11
  • 9 Volts battery
  • LED Light
  • RMC Wires
Main projects in this course:
  • Covid safe entry system
  • Smart room
  • Smart kitchen
  • Obstacle detector
  • Smart Display

Additional Projects:
Apart from the above main projects, you can build several individual projects. Instructions for these projects can be found at
Mini Project Tutorials

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IOT Project Kit - Mid

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